French with Françoise

From Augusta M. at Baruch College, Continuing education department, and Kevin O’R., CEO at Sanofi Synthelabo in New York City for groups’ classes, where I taught from 1995 to 2003.
Also from students, during my workshops in USA, in France, and through Skype for Distance Learning.
To protect the privacy of my students, I've used only their first names. Upon requests. I could send you the feedbacks with last names if you wish.

GROUPS’ Classes:

Kevin O’R. CEO at Sanofi Synthelabo New York City, international pharmaceutical company

Augusta M. Director Foreign language programs at Baruch College Continuing Education, New York City


Wendy’s feedback, Germany:

Blue's testimonial, USA:

Diane's experience, USA:

Robin's experience, England:

Tom’s feedback, USA:

Lucinda & Amy, USA:

Francoise is a great teacher. She is great at identifying your specific needs and helps you improve at what you need to get better. I took classes for 5 days and I am so happy. Combining french lessons with some holidays in beautiful Nice was the perfect combination!
Bernat F. Spain

I highly recommend Francoise for her French classes. I took two years of individual one-on-one classes with her and was able to advance quite well.  She not only helped me to understand how French grammar works but was very good at helping me to become more comfortable with the spoken language. This was definitely one of the best language experiences I have had. 
Paul W. United States 

Françoise is a highly experienced and excellent teacher. In my case, as a periodic tourist to France, she personalized my lessons to my specific needs; and she was very successful in helping me improve my French.
Before taking private lessons with her, my French was very limited and required the kindness and patience of French speakers for me to transact even the most basic business in shops, restaurants, train stations, etc. After only a half dozen private lessons with Françoise, I found I no longer had to embarrassingly repeat myself many times before I was understood; and that I had dramatically improved my ability to understand what was being said to me.
I highly recommend Françoise, and will continue to seek her services in future visits to France.
Sandy G. Laguna Beach, California