French with Françoise

When can I start my French Lessons?
Any time for private, semi-private or small group tuition, just contact me to schedule your time.

I'm interested by scheduling some lessons/workshops, what about accommodation in Nice?
You choose your own hotel or rental, however if you need, I'll be glad to help with suggestions and advice.

How can I be sure that your tuition suits me?
You can take one lesson at a welcome rate without any commitment, in person or through Skype.

Am I too old to start French?
It's never too late to realize one's dream, is it? I teach regularly mature students who are very successful with their French studies.

Is French language difficult to learn?
As with any new languages, students need to be involved... Motivation has a lot to do with the learning process, and to feel at ease with your teacher is essential.

What are you qualifications?
Please see Methods

Where are classes held?
In the heart of historic Old Nice, on the French Riviera, France, at my place or yours, your hotel’s lounge room, or in public places, cafés (French etc...) or Distance Learning all over the world through Skype and emails if you can’t visit in Nice.
In USA at schedule times (Summer/US), in Martha’s Vineyard.

What is the difference between François and Françoise?
François is a first name for boys and Françoise is for girls. I'm a Françoise. In François, the final "s" is silent, whereas in Françoise the final "e" makes the "s" sound.

So how is Françoise pronounced?
Like "France" with "wazz" on the end: "Francewazz"

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!