French with Françoise

Private and Groups’ French Lessons

Registrations all year round.
I offer tailored private, semi-private or small group workshops:

You will learn French efficiently, combining language, culture, fitting your needs, in a friendly environment, and will improve your ability to communicate in social and business situations. I had to learn English myself and understand your efforts learning French!

Courses on the spot:
French conversation to practice, review, and learn on the spot, in a café, restaurant, park, visiting, in cultural places.

Françoise's essential tourist kit: I’ve designed this program for my students to get by, and/or review basics during your vacation. This interactive and fun course will help you to manage in typical tourist situations, from your arrival in France up to your departure. You will understand better the French culture and traditions. I will be glad to respond to your specific needs as well. Among others topics you will learn:
The “hello” words, finding your way, dealing with taxis, subway, hotels, restaurants, cafe, shopping, phone, health services, travel, etc...
These classes are recommended to beginners, intermediates and also advanced students who would like to review these practical French language interactions, at any of your level you will get what you will need.

Also, longer programs to learn according to your needs, at your rhythm, harmoniously, and in a supportive atmosphere.

- In France, on the beautiful French Riviera, in the historic heart of the city of Nice (near Cannes, Monaco, Italy),
- Around Nice at your place
- All over the world for Distance learning on Skype
- In US during scheduled workshops

Please contact me for rates corresponding to your specific situation, long-term studies, workshops.

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