French with Françoise

I’ve learnt myself a foreign language and know that the learning process is more efficient and easier in a friendly environment, feeling understood and encouraged. I personalize my students' classes accordingly to their needs, mixing language and culture. A creative environment is fostered, using personal real life situations, where students are at the center of the activity for maximum involvement and encouraging practice.
I work on syllabus' design, based on student's needs, expectations, backgrounds, contexts, and therefore lessons’ planning, class activities, material and feedback.I like to use various teaching techniques developed through studies, workshops and practice, in US and France. I taught at Baruch College NYC during seven years, using the very efficient Rassias Method, precursor in creating an interactive language method to train at the first beginning the Peace Corps. Nowadays I like to mix various teaching methods.

About Myself
Born in France, I am a French native speaker and, after 16 years in New York, equally at ease in English.
I am proud to have both nationalities, French and American.
I am a language teacher since 1995, now based most of the year in France, recently in beautiful Nice, French Riviera.
I organize also scheduled workshop in USA.

New York
October 1989 to February 2003
  • Freelance French Language Teacher from 1995 to July 2003: Baruch College, City College of New York and Sanofi Synthelabo,
  • English Second language to foreign community in NYC.
  • Translation for Joel Shapiro, sculptor in NYC, for the permanent exhibition of one of his sculpture in France.
  • Summer 2009, August 20: Martha's Vineyard's Chamber of Commerce Web translation into French language.
  • Summer workshops in Martha’s Vineyard

February 2003 to July 2010:
  • Teach French Language to foreigners in Paris, visitors and former students through Skype for Distance learning.
  • Language workshops in Martha’s Vineyard, USA,
  • English as a Foreign Language classes and individual tuition, all levels of employees at the Mairie de Paris (City Hall),
  • Originator and principal for several series of children's English Workshops (Ateliers d'Anglais),
  • Certified associate of the Ateliers Bleus - the Paris’ city-sponsored after-school program for children, 2007- 2010.
  • Teaching English to children classes certification by the Rectorat de Paris (Paris Education Authority).
  • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

  • Asia, sabbatical and volunteering:
  • August 2010 to September 2011: India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

Since October 2011:
  • Distance learning with students abroad and in France,
  • Classes in Nice, and areas around Nice
  • Bilingual assistance on projects
  • July & August 2012: Private and group workshops at Martha’s Vineyard, US

Volunteer activities:
  • June 2012: Teach French language classes in Dharamsala, India, classes of Tibetan refugees.
  • 2012-2015: Volunteer Handicap International, Nice, France
  • References available upon request.