French with Françoise

Distance Learning all over the world!
You will learn French language and culture with a French native teacher, without actually to have to go in France!
It is effective, simple, easy to plan ... and affordable too.
Distance learning is now a real possibility through VoIP telephony such as Skype or old plain phone and e-mails’ exchanges.
I offer distance learning classes all year long.

Skype and iChat
Using voice and Instant Messaging (chat) at the same time is a great tool for learning. Using various materials at the same time as exchanging.
Skype for your Mac or PC is free of charge and straightforward to install. Just download the proper version for your computer (already equipped with microphones). When installed, you'll just have to do: "Add Contact" and then type the name or email in the Find window.
Francoise Duffau, (Windows) (Mac)

Phone and e-mails
At no cost for the phone call for you on fixed phones, for most countries: US, UK, Europe, Canada... Each lesson is done using various material and exchanges of written works by e-mail and/or messaging.

Please contact me for more details.