French with Françoise

French Workshops
Weekday and/or Weekend French Language Workshops combining language and culture, leaving lots of time to visit and enjoy the wonderful city and historic part of Nice, the back country and the beautiful French Riviera!

While studying French you will enjoy the rest of your day visiting, experimenting and practicing your new skills.
And if you come with your friends, it's not only a lot of fun, it's cheaper too!

Accordingly to the length of your stay in Nice and daily time available, we will decide about a schedule.

What you will learn during a Week's Vacation Workshop of 2 hours lessons per day:
: will be able to gain basic vocabulary. Autobiographical data: name, residence, etc… Giving and receiving directions, using number systems in telling time and dealing with money. Ordering food and drink the way the French do it.
Intermediate Students: will enjoy an appropriate refresher course in which they will become more comfortable using the language. Review of basic structures, emphasis on practical communication that relates to students’ needs and experiences. Vocabulary is increased through contextual exercises.
Advanced Students: Review intermediate structures, practice on more advanced topics. Emphasis will be placed on idiomatic expressions, complex grammatical topics, and specific needs.

Price: Please contact me specifying the duration and number of the lessons, for private or group sessions, and hte number of people atteding, I’ll be glad to study the best price and will send you a quote.
If you need, I could give some suggestions for a few hotels, restaurants and entertainment during your stay, and help for booking if you need.

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